Fine Is Relative

The Lady’s View Is Fine seeks to promote a positive outlook -which can be tough when you walk outside and find the whole world fighting a collective battle. “To be fine” is relative right about now. I have my own prayer list in addition to the concerns that come up as I do life… Parents…Read more Fine Is Relative

Nurturing Home ~ For Such A Time As This

During Pandemic 2020, we are doing what we can for the greater good by staying at home as much as possible. We are mourning with those who are suffering, and fighting for joy.  There is something about being told to #ShelterAtHome that makes you think of a thousand places that you would like to go.…Read more Nurturing Home ~ For Such A Time As This

The Lady’s All Good For You ~ Chicken & Kale Homemade Soup

This soup earns the name "All Good" because it is fast and easy to prepare. For the health conscious, it is full of protein, leafy greens, and has a pureed cauliflower base.  For foodies like me, this soup is warm, savory and full of flavor! Homemade chicken soup is a tried and true home remedy for…Read more The Lady’s All Good For You ~ Chicken & Kale Homemade Soup

The Lady’s Practical Guide To Visiting Smithsonian’s New NMAAHC

The National Museum of African American History and Culture opened with great fanfare on September 24, 2016. The purpose of the museum is to document African American life, history, and culture. Like so many others, I could hardly wait to visit this 19th addition to the Smithsonian institution. My visit left me beyond impressed, moved, and greatly inspired! I am…Read more The Lady’s Practical Guide To Visiting Smithsonian’s New NMAAHC

Christmas ~ All Is Merry & Bright

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, although for many it evokes feelings of depression. Advanced stages of the blues should be brought to the attention of a counselor or physician.  For those who simply feel a bit melancholy as the season nears, I am going to count off a few of life's little pleasures to…Read more Christmas ~ All Is Merry & Bright

Having A Great Day

People love to say “Have a great day!” as a social pleasantry. If only it were so easy to do! Having a series of “great days” will equal a pretty good life, so it is worth some planning. Here are seven tips for being intentional about your day…  1) Start slowly~ Now that my coffee choice is decaffeinated, I think…Read more Having A Great Day

Tribute: The Day I Danced Onstage With Prince

This blog topic was scheduled in honor of Prince’s birthday, well before the music legend shocked the world by dying on April 21, 2016.  Now that his life on earth has passed, it all seems that much more surreal. In tribute, here are the events leading up to my Prince moment…  My experience resulted from a series of gifts.…Read more Tribute: The Day I Danced Onstage With Prince

When Life Gets Uncomfortable

Who doesn't like to be comfortable?  Fresh bed linens still warm from the clothes dryer, soft and cozy lounge wear, or maybe lemon tea in a favorite mug...  I could name one thousand comforts, but we all have days that bring news accompanied by dark clouds. I had one of those days earlier this year.  No one wants…Read more When Life Gets Uncomfortable

Adventure Time ~ The Dr. Oz Show

This time last year I was packing for my first nationally syndicated television show appearance. Like most of my epic adventures, the opportunity came randomly. A celebratory visit to see family in New York City during a peak airfare priced weekend left me with two extra days to occupy myself in Manhattan. After all, it is typically…Read more Adventure Time ~ The Dr. Oz Show

Nutritional Balance

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, balance is defined as the ability to keep things steady.  I continue to seek balance in every sense of the word.  For many people, body weight is one of the most challenging areas to keep steady.  My weight management journey continues… During adolescence, a super high metabolism allowed me to eat…Read more Nutritional Balance