Fine Is Relative

The Lady’s View Is Fine seeks to promote a positive outlook -which can be tough when you walk outside and find the whole world fighting a collective battle. “To be fine” is relative right about now. I have my own prayer list in addition to the concerns that come up as I do life… Parents…Read more Fine Is Relative

The View From My Bubble ~ Relationships At Home

The pandemic created a relationship intensive.  Most time is spent at home  -combining work, household and school into one setting. We are told to check on our strong friends.  Funny, positive friends are standing out like 24 carats, and their stock in our lives continues to rise. These streets are indeed real as we navigate…Read more The View From My Bubble ~ Relationships At Home

Nurturing Home ~ For Such A Time As This

During Pandemic 2020, we are doing what we can for the greater good by staying at home as much as possible. We are mourning with those who are suffering, and fighting for joy.  There is something about being told to #ShelterAtHome that makes you think of a thousand places that you would like to go.…Read more Nurturing Home ~ For Such A Time As This

Family History Wall

I resisted blogging for quite some time. Frankly, I'm old-school. I am accustomed to getting paid for my work. The idea of writing for free was new to me.  All of this changed when I found some amazing blogs online! A wealth of inspiration and tidbits of wisdom became a part of my virtual world. I am…Read more Family History Wall