The List: High Performing Inexpensive Make-up Brands

Makeup is one of many art mediums. It enhances personal beauty and branding when used routinely.  Getting glammed up is one of my favorite outward expressions of self-care and femininity! Listen, if a product works, it works.  There is no need to pay for a celebrity endorsement unless the makeup outperforms other less expensive brands.…Read more The List: High Performing Inexpensive Make-up Brands


Three Things I Learned From My First Comic-con Experience

My husband is one of them. I knew that he read comic books while growing up and still most enjoys the superhero action movie genre. It was only recently that I discovered the genius that he was about to employ once he joined an elite group of peers. The meeting place was our city's Comic-Con.…Read more Three Things I Learned From My First Comic-con Experience

When Life Gets Uncomfortable

Who doesn't like to be comfortable?  Fresh bed linens still warm from the clothes dryer, soft and cozy lounge wear, or maybe lemon tea in a favorite mug...  I could name one thousand comforts, but we all have days that bring news accompanied by dark clouds. I had one of those days earlier this year.  No one wants…Read more When Life Gets Uncomfortable

Adventure Time ~ The Dr. Oz Show

This time last year I was packing for my first nationally syndicated television show appearance. Like most of my epic adventures, the opportunity came randomly. A celebratory visit to see family in New York City during a peak airfare priced weekend left me with two extra days to occupy myself in Manhattan. After all, it is typically…Read more Adventure Time ~ The Dr. Oz Show

Nutritional Balance

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, balance is defined as the ability to keep things steady.  I continue to seek balance in every sense of the word.  For many people, body weight is one of the most challenging areas to keep steady.  My weight management journey continues… During adolescence, a super high metabolism allowed me to eat…Read more Nutritional Balance