The pandemic created a relationship intensive.  Most time is spent at home  -combining work, household and school into one setting. We are told to check on our strong friends.  Funny, positive friends are standing out like 24 carats, and their stock in our lives continues to rise.

These streets are indeed real as we navigate societal stressors, work to protect our health, and provide for our families. We are modeling behaviors to get through a period that we have never before seen in our lifetimes. The children are watching our countenance and the results of our decisions.

Even with all of the challenges, I am optimistic. I see increased flexibility in hiring organizations toward their employees.  I see new and innovative ways of doing business to fight the economic fallout. I see churches broadening their reach in the online environment and creating great ways to encourage community engagement.  I see people being intentional about home, whether sharpening up on homemaking, or simply spending more quality time together. It is not all downhill from here.

The words from my initial blog post at the start of the public health emergency still ring true. If I am ill, I am blessed to have others to support me as I walk through a time of crisis. If I am well, I am well for a reason:  

  1. To care for myself so that I may bless my family and home
  2. To reach out and care for others with my unique contributions and support

What I know for sure is that God is the most powerful force that exists. For as long as He allows this troubled time, He will ultimately use it for His Glory.  So what does that mean when I am surrounded by a constant television news cycle that is nothing short of horrific? 

It means that I was born and am living in this moment for a purpose. It means that there is something that God has gifted me with that will brighten the day for those around me –even if just a little bit.  

My mother taught me early on that spending every day with others will at times create tension. This was a gift, because over time I developed some tools to work through frustrations and annoyances in order to preserve relationships.  The bonds being cultivated in the bubbles of home life are valuable and worth the effort. Thankfully, my husband and daughter at home are great sources of entertainment and joy most of the time. When I am feeling stressed, a practical retreat to a bubble bath, a good book, or my exercise mat brings immediate relief. Prayer and rest make everything better.

Baby I’m A Star-

The title of one of the most danceable Prince songs ever takes on a new meaning when I consider the following Bible verse:

Philippians 2: 14-16 NIV

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. 

Our charge is to shine as light in the middle of this tumultuous time.  This will take courage, strength, and a renewing of our minds to work through differences instead of defaulting to today’s “cancel culture.” The great news for Christians is that we need only be a willing vessel, and the Lord will guide us through!  Jesus did not say that we would not have any yokes or burdens, –He said His Way lightens the heavy load:

Matthew 11:30 NIV

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

I fell in love with Jesus when the power of His sacrifice arrested my adventuresome spirit and promised me a Best-Possible-Life.  Getting to love on the people around me as I live my best life is a blessing, and I pray the same for you.  May we do it well by God’s Grace!!

Comment to share the view from your bubble; my view is just fine.   

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