My husband is one of them.

I knew that he read comic books while growing up and still most enjoys the superhero action movie genre. It was only recently that I discovered the genius that he was about to employ once he joined an elite group of peers.

The meeting place was our city’s Comic-Con. This is a comic book convention for people of all ages, -not just children. I was not fully prepared for this experience, but I learned a few things that will help the wives and significant others of nerds, umm, I mean, ….the wives of Comic book enthusiasts.  Pay attention and you will have the time of your life!

Comic-con participants are well raised!

Adolescents who had the luxury of engaging in a relaxing pastime such as reading comic books, probably had a decently stable home life. I could not help but notice how kind everyone was as we walked around the convention center. Polite manners seasoned the speech of the participants as they helped us to navigate the series of lectures and the many activities of the day. I ran into folks young and old who offered to help take pictures, freely shared information, and encouraged everyone around them.  The display of patience that was exhibited while waiting in lines was super commendable. I was personally convicted because I have seen and displayed less patience in church! Anyone wanting a lesson on unification in diverse settings should definitely visit a Comic Con.

Cosplay means dressing up like your favorite comic book character -and it is serious!

comicon blog

I know that it is hard to believe that adult men and women buy or create costumes and wear them while driving in cars and in public, but this is SO much more than a big costume party. There are press attended fashion shows with prized judging from novice to advanced.

They even pay homage to the “purists” who design and make their costumes by hand using special materials. One example at the convention that I attended was a young woman who made the fabric for her Moana costume. She didn’t simply sew the costume, she made the fabric!!!

The event was mostly family oriented, with entire families dressing up in cosplay.  There were a few costumes that were risque enough to provide an unsolicited education to children. I would recommend attending your local Comic-con without children until you know what to expect.

Comic-con is BIG business!

San Diego’s Comic-con attracts approximately 130,000 people from around the world and generates millions of dollars in revenue. Our local Comic-con may not generate millions, but it is definitely turning an excellent profit.  There were tons of successful vendors selling their unique wares. (You can buy adult-sized super-hero shields!) These events are well attended with entrance lines that span city blocks. Everything from art to earrings and t-shirts are being sold in addition to the prized comic books.

It was so fun seeing people run up to my husband to take a picture with him. I was surprised by how many people were familiar with his character, Gemini, who is half Batman/half Joker!

The time and effort spent on his costume paid off, –he won 1st place!!! 17388817_10206577619078594_5442831082908876897_o

Because the business of Comic-con interests me most, I will most likely return as a vendor.  Fun, profit, and community.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

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