People love to say “Have a great day!” as a social pleasantry. If only it were so easy to do! Having a series of “great days” will equal a pretty good life, so it is worth some planning. Here are seven tips for being intentional about your day…

 1) Start slowly~

Now that my coffee choice is decaffeinated, I think of waking up as “uploading”.  When I say “good morning” to my family members, I add my upload level,

 “Hello Darling, I am at 40% upload.”

 This lets the family know that this is not the right time to pitch an important request. I am simply not at 100% yet!  Once my upload level reaches about 80%, I am ready for scripture and prayer. Some people like to meditate and stretch. Whatever you do, starting slowly will set a relaxed pace.

 2) Plan something just for you~

This may sound selfish, but everyone needs something to look forward to. Some days I just want to catch up on my magazine reading, or need to prioritize my workout session. Having a scheduled event that makes me happy serves as personal encouragement as I serve other people throughout the day.

 3) Eat well~

Do not buy the lies told by advertisers! What we consume fuels our body so it is important to choose wisely. I have friends who can consistently eat sweet treats that would send my body into all types of maladies. We all have different physiologies, so experiment to find foods that make you feel well…then eat those foods most of the time.

 4) Check something off your chore list~

Even on my busiest days, I can squeeze in at least one task. Take out the trash, clean the bathroom, make the dental appointment, get the oil changed in the car, -just pick one! Completing the actual chore is not so bad. Letting them pile up makes life overwhelming fast. A chore a day keeps the television camera crew from Hoarders away!

 5) Do something that you do not “feel” like doing~

Call to check on your Great Aunt who asks too many questions, review your insurance plans to see if costs are still competitive…and the list goes on. There are so many things that I would rather not do because I would rather do something more fun! Manage your emotions, and do not let your feelings dictate your actions. Celebrate yourself for being the responsible person that you are!

 6) Do one thing that impacts the future for betterment~

This can be displayed in the form of encouraging and training your child, completing your advanced degree homework, or finishing an art project. The world should be better tomorrow because you lived today well.

 7) Connect with community and nature~

Since we were created for community, it is important to include other people in our journey. Think Sesame Street. Was that not the best model ever? Get out there and live offline! Social media is awesome -yet time consuming! Make some time to be yourself in the world without the influence of a constant stream of opinions and news bytes flooding your brain.  Smile at cute babies, take in a sunset, and think long and hard about something that matters to you.

 I have an advantage when it comes to having a great day. As a Christ-follower, I have a source of strength and spiritual power that serves as my foundation for life.  This enables me to find joy, -even in mundane or challenging moments. Check out my favorite “sermon jam” for more information on reasons to follow Christ:

Prayers and blessings to you!

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