My experience resulted from a series of gifts. It all started with the gift of Prince tickets from my husband as a special date night out. You see, it was a Prince album that became the soundtrack to my whirlwind romance with Steve Gray, my incomparable partner in life.  We first met at the tender age of 17, just before Steve signed with Capitol Records as a recording artist in the group: 4 by Four. Our first date was to go see the movie on which the soundtrack was based: Under The Cherry Moon.  Steve’s gesture to relive those memories from high school was super-romantic to me!

 My relationship with God greatly influences my music choices as an adult. While I still have Prince favorites in my playlist, I had not listened to Prince’s music regularly since high school. That did not stop me from getting all dolled up to go on my date night out.  Before leaving, I told our daughters that by wearing a white flower in my hair, I would know for sure that Prince was talking to me when he called us up to dance with him on stage.

 When we arrived at the arena, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my husband splurged on floor seats. When the music started, all those high school memories came flooding back to me! I immediately surveyed the entrance points to the symbol stage that had been erected in Prince’s honor. Then I stood a person taller than the entire audience by standing in my venue seat. I hardly noticed security signaling me to sit down when Prince took the stage. I whispered to my husband that if he called audience members onstage, we had to try to go up there. And then it happened. The VIP section of the audience (who paid close to a thousand dollars per ticket) were allowed onstage to dance. I ran over to the VIP entrance and said to the security guard, “We want to dance onstage!” I could hardly believe it when security stepped aside and allowed us access. But there were too many people rushing to get onstage. Then Prince came over and signaled to us to come! So, my husband muscled me through the crowd to the very stage entrance. Immediately, two other security guards closed the gate and told us to go back to our seats. Then Prince danced over with a background singer in tow. He leaned over the crowd and said, “Hmmm, you, you, you, and you!” I wasn’t sure which “you” that I was, but when that gate opened, I was on the stage!

How cool of God to allow “the adult me” this experience that “the teenage me” may not have handled well.

 I thought my husband was behind me on the stage, but the gate had been closed right behind me. Steve had sacrificed himself in order to snap a quick photo…or else who would have ever believed me?  Steve told me previously that if I gained access to behave myself on stage. I did a simple two step dance and took in the view of the 20,000 seat arena filled to capacity. I high-fived the background singers that I had just been watching from my seat, as Prince danced through the crowd.

Sidenote: Had Steve not told me to behave myself, my plan was to refuse to leave the stage in order to become an honorary background dancer for the evening, and to ask Prince if my husband could play his guitar.

Ladies, we have husbands for a reason!!!

Our daughters could hardly believe it when we sent them the picture of Prince in his yellow suit, dancing around the stage that included me and my white flower. We were talking to some folks after the concert for a while, and after half the audience left, Prince ran back out to the stage wearing sneakers! We were able to dance stage-side for an entire additional set of his music! Prince was an artist’s artist. And I know this because my husband (the real MVP of the evening) knows true art when he sees it. Here is hubby’s cover vocal demo: Yes, these are his vocals, not to be confused with the original artists.

Check out my favorite blog about the life of Prince:

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