I resisted blogging for quite some time. Frankly, I’m old-school. I am accustomed to getting paid for my work. The idea of writing for free was new to me.  All of this changed when I found some amazing blogs online!

A wealth of inspiration and tidbits of wisdom became a part of my virtual world. I am able to stay on top of each season’s color and style trends, grab a quick recipe for coconut tilapia, read summaries of top media stories, view the stats and analysis on my beloved Carolina Panthers, find encouraging devotionals, pick up house cleaning hacks, as well as tips for acing my next work presentation. I could really go on here… but I will share favorite blog sites in future posts.
What tipped the scales in favor of blogging was my realization of all that I learn -simply from others sharing freely.
In this inaugural blog post, I am sharing my family history wall. My collection of photographs of family ancestors is uncommon among African-Americans descended from slavery. I have a treasured collection of portraits of my great-grandparents as well as my grandparents displayed on a wall near the entrance of my home. I have since added photos of other elders who poured into my life for a time, yet live on earth no more. When I am getting ready to go out each day, it is a blessing for me to glance at my people and become reminded of the strength of my heritage. These faces of love greet us when we return home. Our daughters grew up knowing where they came from, seeing the faces of their elders, and hearing their stories. Our experience illustrates Maya Angelou’s quote: “I am the dream and the hope of the slave.” from her famous poem, “Still I Rise”. The older I get, the more precious the photographs become.
My goal is to bring inspiration and encouragement (plus a little entertainment) to you via this blogspot!
Stay tuned…

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